Art Protecting Endangered Species

The artwork in this collection was created with a founding mandate to help preserve and protect endangered species. David worked in partnership with Roland Hanoski and created APES Art Inc. Producing fine art images (oil paintings) of endangered species subjects, they hope to bring attention to the unique beauty of each creature, and its place in the biosphere. It is also their hope to bring attention to the dire situation of their plight, and the imminence of their extinction, if we do not act now to save them.

Press On

42" x 36" Oil on canvas

It is an amazing phenomenon, to have the Stone Age and the Space Age on the planet at the same time.

The Stone Age is represented by mudmen and headhunters in New Guinea. The Space Age is represented by the invasion of the Blackberry - the quintessential icon of the space age at work on the street level.

The young boy at his traditional Coming of Age ceremony has found a cell phone and pressed 'On', thereby changing his world and culture forever.

A New Dawn

42" x 36" Oil on canvas

Species: Japanese Crested Ibis

Region: Japan

The Japanese Crested Ibis is the national bird of Japan. After the devastations, and de-forestation of two world wars, it became extinct in Japan.

In the sixties a small brood of seven birds was discovered in the wilds of China. They donated a breeding pair to Japan, and they are now making a comeback.

We want to support the breeding program, so that they can flourish, and once again grace the skies of Japan for ages to come.

The Water of Life

42" x 36" Oil on canvas - sold

Species: Giant Panda
Region: China

All they need is a remote mountain place, with clean water and fresh bamboo so that they can continue to delight future generations of our children's children.

The Hunter's Conundrum

48" x 36" Oil on canvas

Species: White Rhino, Cheetah
Region: West Africa

Keep your Blackberry close, you just might need it!

On one side of the tree is the Hunter, and on the other side the Cheetah - - both chased up the tree by the Northern White Rhino protecting it's baby.

Ironically - - on the ground is the Hunter's backpack - water bottle - rifle - and cell phone. His wife is calling on the screen asking "How's the safari going, honey?"

Since painting this, the last Northern White Rhino has passed, taking yet another species into extinction.

Cheeky Monkey

42" x 36" Oil on canvas

The Cheeky Monkey who is painting the baboon's face has a palette and brushes. The colours on the palette and on the brushes represent all the hues of the colour wheel.

I am the Cheeky Monkey, painting all the animals. My mother always called me a 'cheeky monkey' because I used to play tricks and get a laugh.

So I am painting the baboon, who is my big brother, John Halliwell. And the two butterflies represent my mum and dad.