David Michael Halliwell

Fine Artist

Dreamlike, surrealistic, romantic, nostalgic, strikingly powerful, highly imaginative and hauntingly real, David Halliwell's paintings are the result of diligent effort combined with superb draftsmanship and complete mastery of his medium.

Halliwell paints as he lives, spontaneously and intensely. Cloistering himself from distracting influences, he works on a number of images simultaneously, returning to each canvas as a new thought emerges. The finished work may represent hundreds of hours of concentration, beginning as a sketch on paper and evolving surely through a process which includes detailed drawings on the canvas itself. His strict finishing quality masks the underlying transformation each painting has experienced leaving the viewer with an impression as fresh as the last brush stroke.

All artwork is for sale on Saatchi as prints, with some remaining canvasses still available.

Artwork is also available on Redbubble as prints, canvasses, phone cases, and other cool products.